Food Basics develops and markets emulsifiers for food- and special feed applications. Key application areas are milkreplacers, starch processing, dairy and fish feed. As of 2012 Food Basics is also active in the development and export of instant products drinks for export outside Europe. We sell instant “milk and fruit”, “yogo style” and “desserts” in many countries outside of Europe where milk in liquid form is less ordinary. These activities are based on our long lasting experience and knowledge around wettability and dispersibility of oils and powders in water.

Food Basics recently launched a game changer. Based on being active for more than 20 years in a field where nutrition and physiology plays a central role we introduced a new brand of “convenience, healthy products”. “TastyBasics” products are tasteful and convenient but nevertheless balanced regarding its constituents. An “overkill” of intake from carbohydrates (especially sugars) is prevented by chosing ingredients with a richer content of fibers, minerals and proteins. This makes TastyBasics products different from conventional convenience food.